lost-season-5-episode-8-s05e08Last night’s episode wasn’t the most exciting, largely because we’ve seen all this already, but it did help put some things in perspective, sort out a few time-line issues, and bring a few things I had forgotten back to mind. Here are the things I found interesting, funny, or thought provoking,

* “We’re never going back!” — Jack “Never say never, dude.” — Hurley. Interesting how, originally, Hurley tried to convince Jack they weren’t supposed to leave the island, while when the O6 actually do return, Jack is the one adamant about it, while Hurley tries to hide.

* After turning the wheel and stopping the time-jumping, Ben is transported 10 months into the future.

* “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack….Charlie said someone is going to be visiting you too, soon.” – Hurley. Let’s get back to the “raising Aaron” storyline! I know I say this after every episode, but I’m more curious about this than who the real “bad guy” is.

* John knows that Christian is Jack’s dad! I had totally forgotten about this!

* Jack flies over the Pacific multiple times, and grows that fantastic beard, after Locke’s visit.

* “The island won’t let you come back alone. All of you have to come back.” — Ben (to Jack). Well, all of the 06 went back, but not everyone who had left the island returned, like Aaron, Micheal, Walt, and Desmond. Was Ben lying about the island not letting them return alone? Could anyone have found the island if flight 316 crashed flying over the island? Would the island have still caused the flight to crash even if no one from the Oceanic flight was on it?