lost-season-5-episode-8-s05e08What We Learned:

* As we all suspected, Miles’ dad is, in fact, Dr. Chang. That means Miles was the baby we saw in this season’s first episode! Sadly, Miles never knew his dad until he arrived back in 1977.

* Horace, Miles, Dr. Chang, Radzinsky and apparently Sawyer have been in cahoots, removing dead bodies from a sector of the island that is supposed to be hostile territory. That area? The Losties’ hatch, the one that caused their plane to crash.

* Naomi recruited Miles to come to the island, on the behalf of her “employer.” She has him tell her everything he can about a man named Felix, an agent of Widmore’s who was taking him a purchase order for an old airplane. Oh, and Miles got a cool 1.6 MILLION DOLLARS from whoever her employer was.

* One of Ilana’s buddies, Bram, attacked Miles and told him if he didn’t know what lay in the shadow of the statue, he wasn’t ready to go to the island. He told Miles he’s playing for the wrong team, which must mean that Bram and Ilana work for Ben, right?

* Faraday is back! (Not that I really missed him, to be honest. The whole Charlotte/Faraday “love” story line bothered me.) He returned on the sub as a scientist from Ann Arbor.

* In case anyone needed to know, Hoth is both a system and planet from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I had to look it up, because I couldn’t understand the episode title.

large_lost-some-like-it-hothPhoto credit.

What I Still Need to Know:

* Are Michael and Walt ever coming back? I have this feeling they won’t be anytime soon, especially since Michael has a new show. I just think we need to tie up the “Walt being special” plot line.

* What did Naomi mean when she said “the island has an number of deceased individuals residing on it”? Did she mean “residing” as in buried, or “residing” as in making their lives and living, in some kind of half-dead half-alive state?

* Who is Ilana working for? I think Ben, but any other thoughts or possibilities, apart from Widmore?

* Where and when has Faraday been? Is he back as future, past-hoping self, or is it possible that Faraday has been in a constant state of time-travel and this is the pre-crash version of himself? Complicated and crazy I know, but its late and my brain does random things this hour

Best Quotes of the Night:

“It’ll help with global warming, which hasn’t happened yet. So, maybe we can prevent it.” –Hurley

“Miles! I need you!” — Dr. Chang “You do?” — Miles

Oh, and how funny was Hurley writing The Empire Strikes Back?