I recently purchased nine books from Barnes and Noble online. I started out only looking for one particular book, Start Your Family, but when I discovered that Hubby gets 5% off through his work as well as free three-day shipping on orders over $25. So, I started looking for a second book, and noticed that Barnes and Noble now has buy 3 get the third free on their bargain books! That order, I had four books, but a few days later, I received a gift card from my in-laws, and decided to head back online for another round, and ended up with five more books! I found books from three different series I’ve been reading, as well as some books that just seemed interesting. Here’s what I’ve ended up with:

* Start Your Family

* The Kitchen Boy

* Scarlet

* Shepherd’s Abiding

* Gentlemen and Players

* The Thief Taker

* The Moor

* And Only to Deceive

* On Agate Hill

Nine books for under $50 sure works for me! For more tips and tricks, check out We are THAT Family!