When we were house hunting, I wanted to find a yard that was fairly low-maintenance. When we found what would become our house, we were excited beacuse the front yard was made up almost entirely of ivy. Score! Um, except that ivy is not low maintenance. It grows like crazy, and you always have to clip it back, and it will over-run your plants. Not to mention that over a year later, I’m a little sick of seeing bushes surrounded by ivy, because they are just about the same color green and have the same texture. No thank you ivy! So in the fall, I removed some of the ivy from the bushes by our front walkway. I love it! Now, I want to erradicate the ivy in the planter by the front door. Easier said than done! But, this weeked, I managed to liberate the bushes living deep in ivy overrun territory. Here’s the before and after of one afflicted bush:

Before, the ivy was growing out of the poor bush!dsc03761

After, you can see the holes in the bush where the ivy was.


Even though I trimmed a considerable amount of ivy away from the bush, there isn’t a particuarly noticable difference between the two plants. I really want to add some verigated hostas and/or grasses to the area for a texture difference and for some color variation. I’d also like to have an area where I can plant some anual flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fond of the ivy growing up my lamp-post, I’d just like a little less of it.

Any good ideas on how to make the ivy stay away, especially in isolated areas where I don’t want ANY? There are some areas I know I’ll just have to keep clipping it back, but what about those areas where I’ve decided there should be none? Would a herbacide kill the other plants growing in that area?