I had yesterday off, and I spent the day amusing myself by cleaning out and organizing Hubby’s clothes and his closet. I won’t show what it looked like when I started (too, too embarrassing!), but when I finished, it looked like this:


Yay! I have a big pile of clothes that I either have NEVER seen him wear or are what I think would be too big for him now. And then, there are his t-shirts. The man has THREE draws full, PLUS I still have a laundry basket of them to put away. I wonder where. The draws are all full! Some of these he’s had for at least 6 months, and has never worn! I know because the tag is still there, but he’s too sentimental to part with them.

I went to Target to pick up a gift card for my boss who gets married next weekend, and on the way back to my car, I did something I’ve never done before that I thought would never happen to me. I opened someone else’s car and was prepared to get it. I don’t even know what made me think it was my car, it wasn’t the same make, model or color! My car was parked a few spaces over, and when I hit the unlock button on my remote, my car beeped, but it sounded like it was coming from the car I was standing next to. So I opened the door, which was unlocked. When I looked at the inside of the car, I realized THIS IS NOT MY CAR! I am too young to forget what my car looks like! What I don’t know is if someone left their car unlocked or if my remote actually unlocked their car!


And today? I’m getting ready to rip some ivy out!! Also, I started working on making a chicken-pot pie to take to our friends who lost one of their babies. I’ll be finishing that today too, if all goes well. It is time-consuming to make, but so, so good. Plus, I’ll have one for them and one for Hubby and I to enjoy!