lost-season-5-episode-8-s05e08Tonight’s episode was all about Ben. Yaaaay! Any episode that focuses on Ben is usually a good one because it is deliciously creepy, and we learn a lot. Tonight’s Ben-centric episode was no exception. And man oh man do I feel like I got some good info, but I am still confused as ever, if not more so.

Back in 1977, Charles Whidmore finds out Richard took Ben to the temple and healed him. Richard calms Whidmore somewhat by telling him that Ben was on the brink of death and Jacob wanted him to help Ben. Whidmore chats with Ben for a little while, and when Ben says he doesn’t want to go back to his dad, Whidmore tells him just because he goes home doesn’t mean he can’t be one of the Others.

Ben was surprised to see Locke alive, but said he knew he would be alive. “Its one thing to believe it John; its another thing to see it,” he says. Ben stirs up trouble with the new losties, evidently to see if Caesar was armed, as he stole his gun. Later, when Caesar tries to prevent them from taking the boat across to the main island, he shoots Caesar in chest. WOAH!


Post-purge, teenage Ben and Ethan are on the beach, preparing to ambush Rousseau. Instead, Ben takes Alex and tells Rousseau, if she ever wants to see her baby again, run the other way if she hears whispers. Later, back at the Other’s camp, a significantly older Whidmore is upset Ben didn’t kill Rousseau and saved the child. Ben tells Whidmore to kill Alex, but he won’t and walks away. Later we find out why Whidmore had to leave the island, about 5 years after Ben takes Alex. Evidently, Whidmore left the island too frequently and had a child with an “outsider.” According to Ben, this broke whatever rules the island has.


When Ben and Locke finally make it back to the main island, Locke mentions he thinks Ben is really there be to judged for killing Alex. Suddenly, they notice a light on and movement in Alex’s room in Ben’s old house. It’s Sun! and Frank! Frank leaves to return tot he plane, but Sun wants to find Jin and stays. Ben goes off through the doors in his closet to summon the smoke monster. He finds a disgusting pool at the end of a tunnel and drains it, which evidently releases the monster?

Meanwhile, when Frank gets back the island, some dude tells him Alana and some others found guns. They want Frank to tell them “what lies in the shadow of the statue.” When he can’t tell them, she whaps him on the head, tells her cohort to get everyone else, tie Frank up and bring him with them.

Ben tells Locke he knew Locke would be alive again on the island, but he tells Sun, after releasing the smoke monster that he’s never seen the island bring anyone back to life. “Dead is dead. You don’t get to come back to life; not even here.” He says he’s scared that Locke is alive.

Ben, Sun and Locke go off towards the temple to find the smoke monster for Ben’s judging. Evidently, the place where Rousseau’s buddies were dragged into the group was no actually the temple itself, but the wall around it. Before crawling under, Ben tells Sun if she gets off the island to find Desmond and tell him he’s sorry.


Inside the temple, Ben falls to through the floor to what looks like another pathway or part of the temple. Ben sees his life with Alex reflected in the smoke monster. He has to watch Keemy shoot Alex again, and then the smoke monster retreats. AND ALEX IS THERE! She slams Ben against the temple, and says, “I know you’re already trying to kill Locke again and if you so much as touch him I will hunt you down and kill you. Listen to every word he says and follow him.” Or something like that. Ben swears he will, and Alex is gone


We see Ben shoot at Desmond, then threaten Penny, but Desmond attacks Ben and dumps him in the water before he actually shoots her. So is Penny dead or is Ben just sorry for TRYING to kill her?

What “rules” govern the island? Are they they same for everyone, or do they change with the islands whims?

If Ben didn’t think Locke could come back to life, then he must not know about Christian. And then does that make Christian dead or alive? What do you think?

Was Alex brought back to life, or is she part of the smoke monster?

Will Ben ever remember that Sayid shot him? He didn’t remember Jake, Kate, Hurely or anyone when he looked at the 77 Dharma picture, or at least he said he didn’t…


Oh SCORE! Next week is all about Miles! I can’t wait!!