In the third grade, people started calling me shrimp. And by people, I mean one girl. What I couldn’t figure out was why. I wasn’t particularly shorter than most people in my class. Go figure.

Last week, I bit the bullet and finally worked up enough nerve to cook some shrimp. I like shrimp, but never thought I could cook them well. Since they’re more expensive than chicken, I was afraid to take the plunge. But, I saw this recipe for snow-pea and shrimp stir-fry and I HAD to try it. The recipe also listed specific cooking times for the veggies and the shrimp, which eased some of my fears.


And, OH MY WORD Y’ALL! This was so, soo good and very, very easy. Hubby shelled the shrimp, which he said was somewhat time consuming, but by the time I had chopped the veggies, mixed the sauce and cooked the veggies, he was finished. The shrimp was very easy to cook, and we’ll definitely be eating it again!


I served this over white rice, but it may go well with noodles and would be great on its own as well. If you want to cook shrimp but are a little nervous about your first time, I recommend this recipe!


Working up some cooking mojo and trying a new recipe really worked for me. To find out what works for others, check out We are THAT Family.