This weekend, Hubby and I went down to my parents’ house to enjoy the warmth and help my mom throw a bridal shower. I helped host and prepare food, and Hubby helped walk the dog, park cars and then stayed out of the women’s hair. Here are a few photos of the fun event:

dsc03731Check out the cute paper my mom printed the invitations on!

dsc03734One of my “tasks” was to help set the tables. I really loved the simple white placemats and napkins paired with the punchy pink Gerber Daisies (the bride-to-be’s favorite flower!).

dsc03735Here’s a closer look at the place settings, and the “library” side of my parents dining room.

dsc037361I crafted two azalea arrangements from the bushes in my parents backyard. This one sat in the entryway.

dsc03741And this one sat in our family room.

dsc03738In addition to having people sit in the dining room and breakfast area, we had seating on my parents screened-in porch.

dsc03747I helped with the prep, but my mom did all the actual cooking. Here she is with the mother of the bride and the heart shaped cheesecake she baked. I am now two pounds heavier thanks to this cheesecake.

dsc03751Here’s the bride with the monkey pot-holder my mom got her!

dsc03752Me presiding over the gifts and recipes with my high school friend, Maggie. She’s off to Boston for a fancy internship with a culinary magazine!

dsc03758This was one of the neatest shower gifts! Even though this gift didn’t fit the “theme” of the shower, it was soo cool that I can’t wait to gift someone with it! It was a clear storage box on small casters FILLED with wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper, cards and ribbon. How fun is that!?

dsc03759I really, really want a picnic basket like this now! Anyone know where I can get one? Also, how cute are the colors with the bride’s dress? She’s just too, too cute and fun!

I had a great, but exhausting time! It was so wonderful to be able to be a part of such a cute and wonderful bride’s wedding. I can’t wait to see her on her wedding day!

On a side note, I got a new haircut! I love how much lighter my hair is, and how much easier the hair that frames my face curls without all the extra weight.

dsc03742Oh, and I also had a much-needed eyebrow wax. I’m a chicken and I’m too scared someone will rip-off the skin under them if I let someone new wax them. Yay for skinny brows