Recently, Hubby and I weren’t agreeing on a decision we had to make where there was no ability to compromise. I, of course, wanted my way and Hubby wanted his. I tried my powers of persuasion. Nothing. I tried arguing — he still didn’t budge. Finally, I got MAD. “Why are we even talking about this!? We’re just going to end up doing EXACTLY what you want and its not FAIR!”

Well, that little outburst ended our “discussion,” and we put aside for a little while. In the interium, I thought about it and prayed about the situation, asking that we would seek God’s will in the situation. Y’all, I really, REALLY wanted God’s will to be my way. Imagine my suprise when Hubby asked me about the situation and how I was feeling about it a few days later. I could not believe the words that came out of my mouth. I explained that I still felt the same way about the situation, but that I had decided I respected Hubby’s role as the head of the family and would honor and be content with any decision he made.

Yes, those words really did come out of my mouth, and I bet I’m just as shocked as you are. What happened next was suprising. No, Hubby to agree to handle the decision my way, but he said he was more comfortable and confident in the decision he did make