lost-season-5-episode-8-s05e08With an episode title like the one we had tonight, I was totally expecting to learn that whatever happened in the 1977 past, has to also happen in the 1977 “present.” So, if Ben didn’t die in the first 1977, he can’t die in the “new” one, or something like that.

Tonight’s episode focused on Kate, which of course led to learning more about her life with Aaron. We quickly learned that Sawyer did indeed tell Kate he had a daughter, Clementine, and asked her to take care of her before jumping out of the helicopter. Kate trusted Cassidy, and told her she and the other O6 made up their story. I love it when we start out an episode and I learn that my theories or suspicions were correct!

Kate also makes friends, briefly, with Ben’s dad. I was glad to see Rodger show some remorse for the way he had treated and raised Ben thus far. That jerk Jack refused to help Ben, forcing Kate and Sawyer to take him to the Others for help. They find Richard, who tells them “If I take him, he’s not ever going to be the same again. He’ll forget this ever happened and all his innocence will be gone. He will always be one of us. You still want me take him?” For me, that would be a no, but Kate tells him to go ahead. So, that’s why Ben is the way he is. If jerky Jack had helped him, he might not be the crazed man he becomes in the future/present/whatever.

And, even though I was right and Kate visited Clementine and Cassidy a lot, that’s not where Aaron is. Kate told Claire’s mom that Aaron is her grandson and that Claire is still alive. Kate asks her to watch Aaron until she comes back, hopefully with Claire. I really, really hope she finds Claire!


I’m really glad to see that Sawyer and Juliet will stick together, at least it seems like they will since Sawyer saved Ben for Juliet.

Was that Jacob’s shack Richard took Ben into? I’m pretty sure it was, but not positive. EDIT: No, it seems that was the temple. Hmmm. Well, I guess that makes more sense with the preview for next week’s episode.

My favorite quote from tonight: “You’re telling us we’re under house arrest?” – Jack
“No, you’re all free to leave, but I’ll shoot you in the leg.” – Miles

Hurley brought up a good point, wouldn’t Ben remember Sayid shooting him 30 years ago? But of course, we saw Desmond acquire a new memory, so it seems like there’s some flexibility in the way events play out, but the outcome is always the same. So, in the case of Ben becoming an Other, before Sayid and the rest of the O6 came to 1977, some other event occurred that caused Ben to rely on the Others. When the NEW 1977 came around, Sayid was the means of getting Ben to the Others, rather an the original event. So, while it seems Faraday was right in saying that you can’t change time, it seems you can change minor events, but not the larger-scale “if this doesn’t happen the future will be forever altered” events. Whew!

Oh, and how about that cliffhanger ending!? Hubby said it wasn’t as good as last weeks, and I agree, but really, how can you follow Ben being shot?

Who else hopes we learn more about the smoke monster next week?