1. Have a TV turn off week.  SUCCESS!

2. Touch-up trim in Family Room Failure.

3. Work out 5 times a week. Minus the week of my illness, I think I did this.

4. Make a vet appointment for Glacier. SUCCESS!!! And this doesn’t count her emergency visit, I made a separate, actual appointment for her shots.

5. Cook a meal in the crockpot! SUCCESS!! I made BBBQ Chicken, and Black Eyed Pea Soup — if you like black eyed peas, you will LOVE this soup!

6. Read 6 books. I finished the second half of “The Red Tent,” and read “Before the Season Ends,” “The Fisherman’s Testament,” (bookclub), “A Common Life,” “Presumed Guilty,” “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice,” “Multiple Blessings,” and “In This Mountain.”

7. No eating out! At all. Period. (Unless someone else pays). This was hard, but we were successful!

8. Go hiking with Hubby and Glacier. Hah. I didn’t even think about it!

9. Start taking a daily vitamin. YES!

Oh yeah, 78% of my goals were accomplished this month! There’s nothing like starting a new month off knowing you accomplished most of the things you wanted to.