Happy April Fools everyone! I hope you are all playing lots of fabulous jokes on family members and co-workers. Alas, April Fools has snuck up on me, and I haven’t been able to employ my fabulous and involved joke on one of my bosses.

You see, our Ministers occasionally go on retreats together or all travel to Thomas Road for a conference. It isn’t totally unusual to have a day where there are no men in the office. The secretaries have asked our Executive Pastor, who is in charge of payroll and staff administration, if we could go on a retreat as well. His reply, “Sure! Just as long as you aren’t all out of the office at the same time.”

On my road trip with the Pastor this past January, I related this conversation and together we plotted the most marvelous April Fools joke. Every Monday morning, all staff have a prayer and calendar time. The Monday previous to April Fool’s, all secretarial staff was going to be told to be about a half-hour late. When our Executive Pastor got antsy that no ladies were present, our head Pastor was going to look at him and say, “But they’re all at Thomas Road for a support staff retreat!” He was then going to produce a letter from Thomas Road informing him of their conference, and then say, “did I forget to tell you? I’m sorry! Oh, by the way, here’s the bill!” It was going to be too funny, but alas, I have to save it for next year!

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