I’m shampoo-free! And I’ve been that way since the end of January. Whoa. I’ve mentioned before that I use the Curly Girl method to clean my hair and scalp with conditioner, but recently I started adding a little something to my conditioner every once in a while that is really working for me.

One of the reasons I wanted to try Curly Girl was because I was unhappy with the state of my scalp with my normal wash every-other day routine. I have this one spot on the left side of my scalp that gets, well, scaly. I know, its gross and I can’t believe I just admitted that. But I’ve always had it come and go. Except it just kept coming and coming and coming.

Thankfully, I noticed improvement to that area with Curly Girl, particuarly if I gave that spot some extra conditioner, but I still wasn’t sastisfied. Then I read somewhere that using a bit of vingar as a rinse or in the conditioner rubbed on the scalp helped with the dandruff-scales. I mixed a little white vinger with my conditioner (in a ramikin) and mixed until I had a thiner conditioner. The result? Wonderful! I think it works better, so far, than any dandruff shampoo. Who knew all you needed was a little vinegar? Lately, I have been using this every three or four days, as needed. And, thanks to mixing the conditioner and vinegar, my hair doesn’t smell funky.