Aaaah! Last night’s episode was CRAZY! I’m going to refrain from a re-cap, because there were so many flash-backs and it would get convoluted very fast. The episode focused on Sayid, particularly on his relationship with little Ben.


Early on, we learn that Sayid had a demanding father, and that his propensity and skill at killing seemed to be innate in him at childhood. This seems in sharp contrast to young Ben, who had a difficult, abusive father (he slammed him against the bars of Sayid’s cell!) but thus far in the show, hasn’t shown any propensity towards violence or killing.


For me, a key scene as the flash-back to the Dominican Republic where Sayid is helping build homes. Ben comes to tell Sayid that Locke is dead, and that he suspects he was murdered (gee, I wonder by who?). Ben wants Sayid to kill the person who now poses a threat to both Hurley and Sayid, but Sayid tells him “I am not what you think I am. I don’t LIKE killing.”


Everyone who has a position of importance in Dharma agrees that Sayid is a Hostile, sent to spy on them, and ought to be killed. Sawyer tries to convince Sayid to escape, but Sayid says he knows now why he has been brought back to the island, and its to stay in his cell. Fortunately for Sayid, a burning bus rolls into someone’s house, and Phil leaves his post to go help put out the fire. Enter a creepily hooded young Ben, who sets Sayid free when he declares he will take Ben to his people. They run off into the jungle, only to be found by Jin. Jin is going to let Sayid go, after he checks with Sawyer, but Sayid knocks him out in a move little Ben finds cool. Ben starts to run off, but Sayid hovers over Jin for a bit, looking conflicted. I’m hoping for remorse about whacking his friend Jin, but it turns out poor Sayid can’t believe he’s going to have to shoot little Ben, which he does promptly after he declares to him that “you were right about me. I am a killer.”




I don’t think Ben’s dead. I think, somehow, he survives what looks like a fatal shot to the heart. Maybe Richard comes in, maybe the elusive Jacob, or maybe even one the Island’s premier surgeons, Jack or Christian, fixes him up. But I don’t think he dies. I think nearly escaping death at Sayid’s hands here is what turns little Ben into a killer. This is the root of why he is the way he is. But I’m just guessing.


I still have questions though. Like what about the bounty hunter lady? Who is she really working for? Ben? Whidmore? Christian? I don’t think she’s working for golf-course dude. What about Penny? Is she dead, did Ben kill her? Is baby Charlie alive? Desmond? Why exactly did Kate come back to the island? Where is Aaron? What about the prediction that only Claire must raise her baby or bad things happen? How the heck does Christian fit into all of this?

Oh, and did it look like Sayid shot the gun with Jin’s hand on the trigger to anyone else?