top-ten-tuesdayThis weekend, I took two free clinics at the Home Depot. One, on Saturday, was all about installing crown moulding. The second, Sunday afternoon, was called Spring Yard Preparation. I went to Saturday’s solo and took Hubby with me for Sundays, and the Longbrakes were pretty much the only one’s present at each clinic. I had a great time, and learned a TON, plus the fact that I was the only student meant that I could ask all of my silly, beginner questions, and no one would laugh at me. Oh, and I got do to all the hands on stuff. So, without further ado, here are the top ten things I learned at Home Depot.


10. Power tools are not to be feared; power tools are fun! I used a Compound Miter Saw and I still have all ten of my fingers! And yes, so does my instructor.

9. To get a really good fit at the corners when you install crown moulding, you don’t actually cut the pieces at a 45 degree angle to join them. I always thought this, but I was wrong. What you do instead is install the piece with the 90 degree end flush against the wall, and then cut the SECOND piece at a 45 degree angle. You then have to follow the paint line and use a coping saw to cut off the excess wood. This method is called coping and you get a much better fit. I also learned that this is HARD.

8. Fertilize your yard every three months for a lawn to make your neighbors envious.

7. If you live in my neck of the woods, don’t seed your yard until at least the first week of April!

6. You can buy a cordless nail gun. Even Hubby thought they were only made to attach to air compressors, but DeWalt makes a version that’s battery powered. Evidently, another brand makes one that’s both battery and butane powered. Neat.

5. There are just about as many different fertilizers as there are plants. Each one gets a different fertilizer, so don’t use grass fertilizer on your roses!

4. Home Depot will help you plan out your garden layout. Bring in a sketch of your yard, and an associate will help you figure out which plants to put where. Or maybe just my instructor, but if you are a serious yard-beginner like me, ask!

3. I really need to get a sprinkler.

2. They make plastic moulding that has a wood grain that STAINS LIKE WOOD. No joke. My instructor also remodels bathrooms and has used it. I believe him. Wow!

1. I can plant lots of great, flowering plants in my super-shady yard! I didn’t think there was much hope for me getting anything with flowers back there, but apparently I can grow things like azellas, flowering ground cover, and even ROSES! And none of these things will be super, super high maintenance!

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