This, week, Casa Longbrake is turning off the TV. I know, I might suffer withdrawals when I can’t watch Biggest Loser, but all-in-all, I’m pretty excited about this week. When I was a freshmen in high school, my mom headed up a TV turn-off week for our local schools, and of course, our family participated. I remember thinking it was probably the dumbest thing mom would ever make us do, but now I honestly don’t think its a bad idea.

I don’t think we watch a crazy amount of TV, but we do watch more than I’d like. I’ve wanted to cut back on shows I don’t LOVE, but I’ve found that hard to do while still turning it on. I’m hoping this week helps me watch less when the TV does come back on. Really, what I would like to change most about our TV habits is the fact that it is ALWAYS ON, even if no one is watching. I’m reading? TV’s on. I’m cooking or cleaning and Hubby is working in his shop — TV’s on. It’s like an entertainment crutch — we have to keep in on in case we’re bored. But really, what’s wrong with a little boredem?

I’m looking forward to having extra time to play games with Hubby, take longer walks with Glacier, read more, journal some, and enjoy the silence. I’m not cutting out computer use, so I’ll still be here, updating you with my latest tv withdrawal. I know you just can’t wait!