lost-logoPre-show: I’m soo stinkin’ excited about tonight’s episode! The two weeks between episodes is just too much! I’m hoping we learn what time the new crash vitims are in, where and when Sayid, Sun and Frank are, and, most importantly, ARE SAWYER AND JULIET STILL TOGETHER!? I’d also kind of like to see little Ben and his girlfriend. Oh, and they should probably tell us why the island now hates Ben and has him stuck with the new losties, and didn’t transport him with Jack, Kate and Hurley.

Tonight’s episode started out in Ajira Flight 316, as the plane crash-lands on the beach. Frank’s new losties include Frank, Sun and Ben, but where is Sayid? We then jump 30 years earlier (which means the new losties have to be in the “present,” right?), where Jack, Kate and Hurley meet up with Sawyer, right where we left off two weeks ago. Hurley is ecstatic Sawyer is alive and picks him up. Cute. Jack and crew don’t know about the time jumps. I’ve gotten so used to random time jumps that I’ve forgotten that they aren’t old hat to everyone.


Sawyer FINALLY tells Juliet the others are back, which is good; I was really worried he’d keep it a secret. Juliet tells Sawyer a sub is coming in that afternoon, which they use as a cover to get Jack, Kate and Hurley into the Dharma Initiative.


Jin has run off to try and find out if a plane has landed. He goes to the Flame, and has the worker put out a call to all stations, but no one has seen anything. Suddenly, a hostile is inside the perimeter! Jin runs off to find out what’s going on. Sayid! Jin does a very convincing performance as he threatens to kill Sayid. Sawyer eventually comes for Sayid and they take him back to the Dharma compound in a cell.


Ben sneaks off creepily from the beach. Thankfully, I think, Sun goes after him. The only good thing I can see about Ben at this point, is that he at least is helpful when it comes to shedding light on what’s going on. Ben’s trying to get back to “his” island, and asks Sun if she wants to come. After he pops out of the bushes – typical. Ben takes Sun to the outriggers, where Sun whacks him over the head with a paddle. Go Sun!

Sun and Frank make it to the dock okay, but it’s all run down and the jungle is overgrown. They don’t seem to be in the “present” either, but sometime in the future. Right as Sun and Frank hear the creepy whispery voice, a light comes on in one of the houses. Out walks none other than Christian Shepherd, who tells Sun her husband his “with your friends.” Christian shows Sun a picture of Jack, Kate and Hurley in 1977 with Dharma and tells her she “has a bit of a journey ahead of [her].”

Jack visits Sawyer’s house and learns that he and Juliet have been living together. Sawyer tells Jack, “that’s how I like to run things, I think…’cause that’s how I saved your ass today, and that’s how I’m going to save Sayid’s tomorrow.” Touché Saywer.

Oh gosh, Young Ben delivers Sayid a sandwich. Sayid doesn’t recognize him, until he tells him is name is Ben. As always, we end with an appropriate cliff-hanger that won’t get cleared up for about two weeks.
What we Learned:

1. Ethan is Horace and Amy’s son. Interesting, since he was obviously once a Dharma-ite, but is working with Ben during the first plane crash. I wonder what happened, and if any other former Dharma-ites were in on Ben’s plan?

2. Faraday is no longer on the island. What’s up with that?

3. Poor Jack was/is a Dharma workman. It figures that Sawyer would stick it to him somehow.

4. Frank and Sun are the only Oceanic 6 not in the 70’s.

5. Ben met the losties when he was a boy on the island. This makes a lot of sense, actually. It explains how he knew how just about everyone was. Have Sawyer, Juliet or any of the others run into him?

What I need to Know

1. What happened to Faraday?

2. When exactly are our new Losties? It seems like they aren’t in the present, but in the future, with everything run down.

3. Why are Frank and Sun in a different time, and WHEN are they?

4. Is the Orchid still operational in whatever time this is? Is that how Sun (and I assume Frank) are going to get back to 1977?

4. Why is Christian so creepy? And, what exactly does he have to do with the island? I think that’s the one been connection I just can’t figure out.