top-ten-tuesdayYay! Its Top Ten Tuesday! I love making lists (and crossing things off lists too!). If you love lists, want to read more, or even join in the fun, run over to Oh!Amanda!

In honor of my weekend bout with a cold from Hades, I’ve decided to list my top ten products for helping sicky-sickos feel better

10. Breathe-Rite Strips. Alas, I didn’t have these this weekend, but they really open you rairways when you’re congested. It makes sleeping more pleasant for me, and sleeping with me more pleasant for Hubby

9. Saltines. All I have eaten today is saltines. And really, if you want to go easy on the tummy, is there a tastier way?

8. Vick’s Vapor Rub. Congested? Cough? Oh this stuff will cure you, help you breathe and sleep easier. It does get on your jammies, but its totally worth it!

7. ROBITUSSIN. Is there anything I don’t love about this product? No. I even love the way it tastes. Yes, I know, I’m weird, but I do!

6. Gatorade. You gotta get those electrolytes and other necessary things back! I like to do it with a little Strawberry-Kiwi flavoring myself.

5. A hot shower. Never underestimate the power of steam! And seriously, after I’ve been sick, I feel a lot better once I’ve taken a shower and put on clean clothes, even if it is just new PJ’s. It feels so much better to get out off those germy clothes!

4. Barf Bucket or Trash Can. It may not be glamorous, but you gotta have one.

3. Sprite. My mother always gave us Sprite after we had an upset stomach, so I won’t drink it unless I’ve been sick, but oh, when I have, there’s nothing else I want to cleanse my mouth, and the carbonation seems to help my stomach. Oh, and if I ever am sick again? The fact that its clear is a huge plus.

2. NYQUIL. I never used NyQuil until my first year of college, and it was love and first swallow.

1. A sofa, comfy blanket, and a loving Hubby (or mom). Nothing beats this. NOTHING.