Its cold again here, and rainy too, but yesterday was a warm, pretty day. Here’s hoping to more of those days soon!

I noticed I had some tulips being to sprout up and bloom several feet away from the rock retaining wall around our patio. Last spring, I planted three bulbs on the other side of the patio, without any success. These are on the otherside, maybe 10 feet away from the orginal plantings. Maybe the previous owners planted them, but they weren’t there last spring.

dsc03709Pretty, huh? Also, please note the horrible quality of our soil. Its a wonder anything grows at all.

dsc03711I clipped off a few branches from our bushes and made a few little arangements to scatter around the family room.

dsc03712I think fresh blooms brighten a space up and make it feel more cozy — I wish I had some more often!