Not much is going on in the Longbrake House these days. Hubby continues to be out of town for work, and isn’t sure at this point if he’ll even be home before Saturday. He’s actually working on some cool stuff, but I can’t talk about it here, because, you know, our nation’s security depends on it. Or not. I’ll never tell.

Glacier, I suspect, is having separation anxiety. I’, not her dad, she’s knows it, and I just don’t cut it. I’ve tried to have “special rub time” with her, but lets face it, mom will never be as fun as dad.

I volunteered Hubby and I to help coordinate fun outings and get togethers for our Sunday School class. The couple who previous did this, recently had a baby, and live about an hour out of town. Reasonable, they aren’t as active as they were. But I understand, if I had a baby, I don’t think I’d have time to coordinate all kinds of events.

I may have spilled hot chocolate on our couch last night. Yes, the one we just bought. Yes, the one we got Scotchgaurded or something in case the dog or some future kiddlets were to get dirt or juice or something on it. Yes, I RUBBED IT. Now I know you’re not supposed to do that, but I didn’t learn that until AFTER I rubbed it, and called my mom. I should have followed my mother’s age-old rule, and only have food products in the kitchen or dining room. Shame.

Two of Hubby’s good friends are having babies!!! They don’t live near us, but I am super excited for both of them (and I just can’t wait to put together little baby care boxes to send them!!). One is having his second child; his first was a girl, so Hubby is seriously hoping for a boy. The other is having his first child, and I’ve got my finger’s crossed for a girl so I can buy really cute hair bows and dresses with little monogrammed panties.

So, maybe more was going on than I thought! But I’ll tell you what WASN’T going on — LOST. I am seriously bummed.