worksformeOne of the things I spend a lot of my time at work doing is crafting publications. I make the occasional brochure, but mostly I make fliers and postcards advertising our upcoming youth events. Teenagers today are especially captivated by eye-catching images, so finding quality images very important to us.

I have found and invaluable resource in stock.xchng, which features thousands of free stock photos. All you have to do is create a free account, and then you can browse and download images photographers have uploaded. There are premium images, but I’ve found many free images that rival these. The free images fall into three categories: images you may use freely at your discretion, images where the photographer needs to be informed if you use them in a public setting, and images that you must have permission from the photographer before downloading.

Images are grouped by key words, so you can easily search for any particular image you are looking for. Not only are these great for a work setting, but are great for illustrating blog posts as well!

Don’t forget to check them out, and for more tips and tricks, check out We Are THAT Family!