dsc01754Before Graduation, 2007

This weekend I traveled to my college town to reunite with my girlfriends. Yay! I truly love hanging out with each and everyone of these ladies, and I love how different each of them are. We are a motly crew! This weekend we came from all over the Eastern US, from New York to Virginia. We graduated over a year and a half ago, and I think this is the first time almost all of us have been together since then! This weekend we were only missing one, who is currently living in Ecquador. We wrote her name on a piece of paper and took a group picture so we could all be represented, even if we couldn’t all be there.

I love that, as a group, we can go from talking about serious topics like where are all the young people for us to be friends with in our post-graduation lives and how we feel kind of displaced, to reminicing about the time we used peanut butter to get gum out of Beth’s hair. We can admire pictures of our friend’s wedding dresses, and then talk about how adjusting to married life is difficult and that we still aren’t sure that we’re “happy” with our lives. If some of us want to shop, and some of us just want to hang out and have coffee, that’s okay. Its fine if some of us are closer friends with others, but the bottom line is that we all love and support one another.

I love my friends, and I miss our college days of lunches together everyday, study breaks and near-constant togetherness, but I also love these days, these times where how much their friendship means to me is even more apparant.