I’ll be honest, this week’s episode wasn’t my favorite. I liked catching up with our island-bound, no longer time-hopping Losties, but I found this episode a little mushy. I like mush, I mean, I liked the holiday, but I don’t want mush in something that should be action-packed.

That said, I’m all about the softer side of Sawyer. Now that the island has stabalized in time, he’s the self-appointed leader of Juliet, Miles, Jin and Daniel. Daniel’s a little loopy thanks to Charlotte’s death a few episodes back, and I love that he’s still wearing his tie after all this time in the jungle.

What we learned:

1.) The island-bound Losties got stuck in the 70’s when the island stopped moving through time, and have joined up with the Dharma Initiative. They’re also best buds with Horace and Amy. Horace seems to be a Dharma leader of some kind, and I’m trying to figure out where we’ve seen him before. Was he the dead guy Locke saw building a cabin way back when? Also, I’m pleased that I figured from the very first episode they’d end up working for and living with Dharma. I loved what Horace said to Sawyer/Jim/LaFluer: “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way Jim, but you are not Dharma material.”

2.) Charlotte is actually dead, or so it would seem. There was a lot of buzz last week that Charlotte would be coming back this episode, that she was the lady with the bag over her head. Not so. It was only Amy, the Losties’ 70’s buddy.


3.) At one point, women could give birth on the island, though Dharma had them give birth on the mainland. I wonder if this had anything to do with the problems we see the Others have later? We also learn that babies always come at inopportune times on Lost.

4.) Juliet and Sawyer are “together.” Yay! I like them much more than I liked the Sawyer-Kate-Jack triangle.  But really, the happiness can only be short-lived now…


5.) ‘Cause Kate’s back! And Jack! And Hurley! So they got caught in the last flash that pushed them into the 70’s too. But what about Frank and Sun? They took a boat from the new Losties, so it would seem they’re in the present, unless the crash victims are in the 70’s too. But that won’t fit with what Caesar saw, which was Hurley disapearing!

Things I’d Like Cleared Up:

1.) What’s Horace and Amy’s baby named? I have a tiny feeling that we may know him from the future.

2.) Anyone else think that Caesar looks just a tiny bit like Sayid?

3.) Why doesn’t the super-sonic fence keep the Others out?

4.) Why doesn’t Sawyer tell Juliet the other Losties are back? Oh please, I know its because KATE is there and he love her and blah, blah, blah, but I wish he would stick with Juliet!

5.) Are we EVER going to get back to the fact that Claire was supposed to be the only one who raised Aaron? Gah! This is really bothering me.


Best line of the night? Sawyer calling Richard the guy “with the eyeliner.”