worksformeThis week’s Works for Me Wednesday, hosted by We are THAT Family, is themed — “greatest hits.” Since I haven’t been participating too long, I don’t want to post a repeat, so I decided to post about something that has made the greatest difference in my life.

As a young wife living a day’s drive away from my family, I had a hard time finding my place and people who cared about me and who could advise me in my new role. I’m still not sure I’ve found “my place,” but I sure have found other women who care about me, and who I care about, who can offer me words of wisdom as a strive to be a better wife, and person.

Ladies, you need to find these people! Usually, they won’t come to you. They didn’t come to me. You have to get out there, and make yourself available and obvious. Make yourself seen! Almost two years ago, after having a tough time making it through church and feeling like no one was really interested in getting to know me, I decided (after a few tears) to get out of my comfort zone and put myself in places where I could meet other women. Off I went to a new women’s Bible study that was starting. Once I got there, it took a while, but I soon found myself with invitations to lunch after each meeting, and one lady even asked if I needed a shower for things like kitchen gadgets when we bought our house!

At work, I have become great friends with one of my co-workers who has children older than I am. Hubby and I both adore her, and she is Glacier’s “Grandma Wendy.” If my having a hard day, worried about something, or just want to chat, she is always, always there for me. Her granddaughter lives a ways away, and she’s told me she can’t wait to be a grandma to MY kids, and get to see them all the time. I can’t wait either!

If you haven’t already, start seeking out places where you can meet other women who can advise and encourage you, and most importantly, be your friend. It is so, so worth it!