top-ten-tuesdayLove writing lists? Reading them? Check out ohAmanda! for more lists and to get in on the fun yourself! You may remember my Exercise Motivation chart, where I earn clothing items for working out a certain number of days. I’ve almost achieved a new pair of pants, and eared a new top almost two months ago. But I haven’t bought a top, so here and ten tops I’d like to own!

10. Cute, simple, nice color, but expensive!

9. I like the pattern and colors of this one, but I don’t think I want to care for a silk top.

8. LOVE the color of this top, but I’m not sure about the neckline. I’m NOT a strapless bra girl.

7. I’m all about this fun cardigan — I could own one in each color!

6. This sleeveless sweater could really work for me — it would look great on its own, but can also be layered with jackets or cardigans.

5. I really, really love this top, but I’m not sure the shape would work for me.

4. These tops are very similar, but I can’t decide which one will be my BFF.

3. This top is ready to jump in my shopping cart.

2. I might be in love. The color! The pattern! The shape! Everything about this is calling out to be mine, except for the price.

1. I have a serious crush on this beautiful, delicate top!