After work yesterday, Hubby and I suited up and went to play in our snow with Glacier. We played hard for about an hour, especially Glacier who bounded around and pawed vigorously at her frozen soccer ball.


When we came in, she laid at our feet (not too unusual, though she is normally on her bed) and whined (pretty unusual). We thought she was just worn out from her play time.

This morning, Hubby went to let her out of her room (basement) and she was laying in her crate. Normally, she is standing at the gate waiting to be let out, and RUNS up the stairs and clamors to be let out. This morning, she wouldn’t get up. I called the emergancy vet, who first thought I left her outside all night (in 13 degree weather!? I love my dog way more than that!) and when he understood, told me they were closing and I should call I regular vet. During my phone call with the regular vet’s office, Hubby helped her up and she came up the stairs. She seems fine now — has eaten, gone outside, etc., but this behavior is very unlike her. We went ahead and made an appointment for this afternoon, and I’ll be staying home with her, just in case, until then.


The receptionist suggested she has a soft tissue injury, and I’m hoping that’s all it is. After all, we were play soccer with her, and one of us could have accidentally kicked one of her legs. :o(  She’s a few days past due for her rabies shot and well as her bordetella, so I hope its nothing related to my epic failure to get her an appointment before February ended. She’s been very healthy in the year we’ve had her, so I didn’t feel the need to take her to the vet since she had just had an exam when we brought her home. I’ll kick myself if I could have prevented this.