1. Order a new lid for my Crockpot. I e-mailed the company, and “the product I am interested in is currently un-available.” Bummer. I did buy a new one though! This one is larger than my previous one, and came with a little dipper thrown in. Yay! I’ll count this as SUCCESS!
  2. Cook a meal in my Crockpot. FAILED.
  3. Write and mail a letter to a friend. SUCCESS x 2!
  4. Find a good, local vet and make an appointment to take Glacier for her check-up. No. I’m a horribly puppy-parent.
  5. Touch-up the trim in the family room. Another failure.
  6. Work-out 4 times a week and loose 4 pounds. SUCCESS! I worked out at least 4 times a week, and lost around 3 pounds, not the 4 I wanted, but still good. Total two month weight loss? 5 pounds.
  7. Read 5 books. SUCCESS! I read “The Golden Compass,” “The Subtle Knife,” (both books from Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials), “The Jewel of Gresham,” “Out to Canaan,” “Expect the Sunrise” (bookclub), “Eragon,” and “A New Song.” I’m also half-way through with “The Red Tent.”

So, I’m only at 57% of my month’s goals, but I’m happy with the one’s I’ve accomplished! And what I didn’t get finished this month, will be finished next month!