I’ve enjoyed these posts over the past week — I hope you do too!

1. Peppermint Brownie Cups. At Baking Blonde’s blog. These sound delicious!

2. I Have Been Blind. A post about Allie’s experiences, and regrets, after her time serving the poor of Uganda.

3. They Pot Nicely Together. A super cute and creative idea at 4 under 3 for a springy gift!

4. (written last fall) A beautiful post by Mary at Owlhaven, writen before her oldest daughter’s engagement. Mary has written several wonderful posts about love, wedding planning and family building since her eldest’s engagement, but this is one of my favorites. Oh, and the wedding is TODAY!

5. Not my Words. By Danielle at 6 Year Med — her whole blog is wonderfuly thought provoking.

6. One Year Ago. A account of Shannon’s visit to an HIV/AIDs care center for children while visiting Uganda with Compassion International.