lost-logoAfter watching last night’s episode of Lost, I feel so much more enlightened! Also, I totally love Desmond and Penny’s little boy (sooo cute) and the fact that they named him Charlie.


Here are some things I want to know:

1.)    Why did the blonde, gun-toting chick tell Daniel he “just couldn’t stay away?” What is up with that, and what isn’t Daniel telling the Losties?

2.)    Who does gun-toting girl remind me of? She reminds me of someone we’ve seen, but who? Also, what is the significance of the fact that she reminds Daniel of Teresa?

3.)    Who else has been looking for Daniel (since Widmore knows where he is)?

4.)    Is Charlotte dead? Why won’t Daniel tell her about constants?


Things that shocked me:


2.)    Daniel declaring his love for Charlotte.

3.)    Desmond going to see Widmore and the fact that Widmore didn’t shoot him, tell him to get lost, but basically told him to have a happy life with Penny as long as they both stay hidden.


I wonder if Widmore thought he would be inline to lead the others, but when Ben showed up, he got put on the back-burner. Did Widmore leave the island himself? Did Richard make him leave? Jacob? Ben? Is he after Ben because he’s trying to get back what he think is rightfully his, or just because he hates Ben? Or because Ben is worse than he is? Is Widmore really even worse than Ben, or is Ben just saying that to keep his position or power?


Teresa’s sister reminded me a bit of the girl Ben went to see in the butcher shop last episode, but since she’s in Oxford and the butcher’s is in LA, I guess that’s not possible.


If Daniel’s mother is the psychic in cahoots with Ben, how does Widmore know where to find her?  Is she playing them both? Or is she the only one out to really protect the island?


Have any of you heard of Micheal Faraday? He worked with electromagnetic energy, and some of his stuff sounds a LOT like it has to do with the island. I mean, “he established that magnetism could affect rays of light and that there was an underlying relationship between the two phenomena.”? That sure sounds like those flashes of time-traveling light to me! I don’t think the Faraday names are coincidental either. But maybe it has something to do with the fact that I JUST. DON’T. TRUST. DANIEL. FARADAY.  I’m soo sure Charlotte is dead.