Last night, I bet Hubby $10 that I could do more crunches than him. At first, he seemed reluctant to take me up on my bet. I must note that I had just watched him poop out at about 20 crunches, and thought I could beat him easily.

He eventually took me up on the bet, and I told him he had to go first. He began crunching, and I began counting. When I got to 35 I was worried that my chances of winning had slipped away. 40…50, but then his pace started slowing. By 58 he had taken a rest, so I decided to cut him off.

I had done 25 crunches earlier, and thought that was my maximum, so I was worried I was going down, but gave it a shot anyway. I was hurting at 30, but kept going and soon started to find my crunching stride. Oh yeah, my little ab muscles carried me all the way to 60 crunches!

Now, I’ll definitely push myself harder int he gym. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition with your husband to keep your work out into high gear!