biggestloserDid anyone besides me watch Biggest Loser last night? I have watched most seasons, but didn’t pay any attention to last season. I planned to do the same this season, but heard it was shaping up to be a fantastic season, so I just HAD to tune in.

Normally, I have a very love/hate relationship with Biggest Loser. I love it because its heart-warming, inspiring and uplifting. I hate it because its heart-warming, inspiring, and uplifting and makes me want to cry AT LEAST 5 times an episode. Last night was no exception.

Right away, I fell in love with Jerry. He reminded me a bit of “The Doc” from a couple of seasons ago, and I wanted him to succeed so badly. I’m also rooting for Helen of the pink team, who I decided should be my friend when she used her one phone call home to call her daughter and told her she was starting to become a different person. I don’t want to love Joelle, but I think I might at least like her a little bit. She seems like she’s the one everyone at the ranch wants to go, but I think she might have it in her. Honestly, she’d probably be me if I were several hundred pounds overweight. Scared, not trying 100% because you’re scared, but not wanting to admit to either fact. I see potential in her; when she FINALLY ran that 30 seconds, I could see the pride in her success in her eyes. At least, I think I could. It seems like there will be more going on with her, and not in a good way, next week, so we’ll have to see.

Weigh-in really got me this time. I was SO SURE Joelle would fall below the yellow line and go home. She’s not working hard, no one seems too fond of her, she would clearly be everyone’s choice to go home. I just KNEW Daniel would loose at least 5 pounds and be able to stay, EASY. But no! Daniel and Jerry, two of the biggest guys and the youngest and oldest guys, fall below the yellow line. Oh, and Jerry’s weigh-in? TOTALLY TEARS THERE! Gah!

Then I spent the entire commercial break analyzing who should be voted off. Daniel should get the axe, I thought. Jerry seemed too old, in need of the medical supervision, and likely to be unable to succeed on his own. Daniel, being young, would have more stamina and be able to be more successful at home.

Then, everyone decided to send Jerry home. Jerry! Jerry! I only knew you two hours, but I loved you! I was heartbroken, but Jerry was “at peace” with everyone’s decision. As it became more evident that Jerry would, indeed go home, I started to rationalize why this was ultimately the best decision. Jerry’s a grown man! He can take this and not see it as rejection! Daniel might, and as an overweight teen, it might permanently damage his self-esteem, and he would give up on himself. I don’t think anyone was happier than I was to see Jerry looking slim and healthy at the end of the show!

Oh Biggest Loser, how you torment me with you heart-warming, tearn-inducing love-fest of weightloss!