With the arrival of our new sofa eminent (two weeks away!!), Hubby and I have started thinking about our “new” family room. There are two big ticket items currently on our wish-list: a 32 inch LCD TV and a new TV cabinet. We have a media cabinet that one of Hubby’s friends was replacing a few years ago that Hubby inherited, and for now, it works just fine. It has some shelves for storage and display and two covered areas to hide our junk. But, if we purchase a larger TV, our current unit can’t accommodate it. Our TV right now is 25 inches, and a 27 inch cabinet JUST BARELY might fit in. Hubby and I have been looking at traditional style armoire to house our potential new TV, but then we stumbled on this beauty:



Yes, those doors are hinged to open to 180 degrees and I am seriously in love. Hidden storage when you need it, display storage when you want it, hide the TV when you can’t stop watching and have to cut yourself off otherwise you’ll never go to work again. Gotta love it!