Now that Christmas is over, do you have a bunch of Christmas cards you want to keep but don’t know what to do with? Don’t toss ’em — re-purpose them into next year’s Christmas decorations! Last year we didn’t have a lot of Christmas ornaments and we didn’t want to spent a lot of money to deck our tree, so I made some using wedding cards. First, I found cards that only had writing on one side.

dsc03482I detached the front side, the one with no writing and the image on it, and checked out what parts of the card design I liked best. With this card, that was pretty easy because the pattern was consistent all-over. With other cards, pick whatever part you like best! If you’re using a photo card, you’ll probably want to include the faces of your loved ones!

dsc034831Now’s the time to get out your trusty holiday cookie cutters! Lay them over the part of the pattern you like best, then trace around the outside of the cookie cutter. One card I used last year had a pink sequin on it, and I used that with a reindeer cookie cutter to create Rudolph! Be creative in using your cookie cutters and the pattern of your card!

dsc03484Once you’ve cut out your shapes (be sure to cut inside the lines you traced) you can use a hot glue gun or craft clue to attach ribbon to hang your creations as ornaments, prop them up in garland, or anything else you can think of! Your holiday guests will be especially pleased to see that you liked their card enough to use it as part of your holiday decor, and you’ll be reminded of them every time you check out your tree.

dsc03404Hand-made ornaments definitely work for me! For more tips and tricks, check out Rocks in my Dryer!