When we were preparing to pain our family room, I decided we should take our vent covers off so we could paint all their nooks and crannies. Our family room as four vents: 2 supply and 2 returns. Hubby had to use an exacto knife, screwdriver and hammer to remove the covers because of the copious coats of paint covering them. When was able to remove them (only making one hole in the wall!) this is what we found:

dsc03477That, right there, is FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS of dust, grime, hair, and general grossness. As far as we can tell, the returns haven’t been cleaned out since the house was built. So Hubby pulled out his new Shop-Vac, and pushed it as far down into the returns as he could to suck out all the junk.

dsc03480After the sucking, we went to Lowes to pick up new covers. This was necessary due to the gunk that was stuck to the back of the returns, and the 8 layers of paint covering them that made it impossible to remove the screws to attach them back to the wall. Hubby had to caulk the previous screw holes, because they had been completely stripped, making the holes too big for the screws. But we eventually got them covered, and now have four brand-spankin’ new vent covers. It *almost* looks like we have new duct work! Now we just have to remove, clean out and replace the rest of the ones in the house. OH boy!