I had a WONDERFUL time visiting with my family this Christmas. We actually had a pretty low-key time — mostly we ate, slept and sat around. I received some really wonderful things as well! Hubby got me The Dark Knight and a food processor (among other things — including our soon-to-arrive COUCH!).


My parents gave me two new china place-settings, a decorative pillow, 3-way vacuum, and my mom made me a needle-pointed door hanger that says, “Quiet, please, novel in progress.”


My in-laws got me an “first Christmas in our new home” ornament, a Crate and Barrel Christmas pillow and a brown throw blanket.


My grandparents got Hubby and me a massager you attach to a chair (it looks something like the above picture, but not quite). My grandmother also gave me a wonderful Christmas gift — she invited me to go through some of her Christmas decorations and see what I’d like. She’d down-sizing her decorations and as the only grandchild who’s out of college and owns a home to decorate, I got first pick! I got three Christmas pillows, a silver nativity set, LOTS of ornaments, 5 glass trees, and a wreath. My favorite thing I got though, was a set of 6 carolers, 3 girls and 3 boys, my grandmother purchased over 57 years ago as a splurge for her and my grandfather’s first Christmas together.


I gave Hubby a 6 gallon Shop-Vac, which he declared to be his favorite Christmas present, but I think he was just being nice. His parents gave him a HUGE tool chest for his shop, and I know he’s looking forward to organizing down there during his time off for New Years. Frankly, I’m looking forward to him sucking up all the sawdust that’s down there, so maybe it was a little bit of a gift to myself!