My *current* favorite room in my house is our master bedroom. This is a shame, really, since its the room we spend the least amount of time conscious in. Still, I’m so glad Hubby and I decided to shell out a bit of dough for some nicer furniture. My grandparents wanted to purchase a bed for us as a wedding present, and I talked Hubby into purchasing a dresser that was part of the suite. I reasoned that if we waited a couple of years to get something nice, by then we’d want to have kids and spend all our money on them. We needed nice furniture, I explained, so we could have a retreat. I am soooo glad we did! I love the clean lines of the pieces with more traditional details, like the pulls. Its still not where I’d like it to be (the small dresser we’re usuing as a bedside table is an inexpensive one Hubby’s had since high school, and doesn’t quite go with the rest of the room’s wood tones), but I still love it!



View from the door. I found the comfortor at the end of the bed out in Colorado when I was in college, and it was yet another gift from my wonderful grandparents.


Our dresser. My parents gave us this mirror they purchased from an antique shop. Orginally, it was a gilded frame, but it was badly damaged, so all the gilded plaster was scrapped away and the frame was turned into a lovely pine mirror. I love the contrast between the wood tones of the mirror and the dresser.


I use this mug holder to display my jewelry. I wear it a lot more if I can see what I have!


The things on the otherside of the dresser — Hubby made the wooden jewelry box for me the Christmas after we got engaged with my “married” monogram on it.


My side of the bed with my apothecary lamp.


Hubby’s side of the bed.


Close up of one of the books and pocket-knife on Hubby’s side.


Close-up of my bedside table. The knob that came with it was silver and more modern. I found this at a salvage shop in town for $1, and instantly made the table work with everything in the room.