In eager anticipation of the arrival of our new sofa, Hubby and I have decided to flip our main living space (the family room) over to our front room. So, we’ll be spending at least one weekend painting our dark green room to a light shade of tan with some gold undertones. I have been wanting to paint our small rooms (all of which were once dark, light-sucking colors) much lighter. Our kitchen is yellow and our dining room is a golden color, so this will really open up the space and tie everything together, I hope!

One of my other plans is to create a wall honoring and celebrating our families. I have asked for copies of old family photos for Christmas, and have been building up a collection of silver and black frames. My mother has a wonderful picture of my great-great grandmother as well as one of her mother as a baby I can’t wait to frame! I hope when I’m finished, it will look something like this — eclectic, but elegant, only on a smaller scale. I wish I had this much space!

gasl_family_photos_06Image from