When I was in school, I’m thinking elementary school, my favorite subject was always reading. Back then though, I think it was called Language Arts. Here are ten reasons why I always loved that class:

10. I was good at it, and its always more fun to work on something you’re good at.

9. The freedom to be creative!

8. We did lots of word puzzles. You know, like “If Johnny sits next to Mary and Mary sits two rows behind Jill who won’t sit next to Bob or Tim. Who sits where?” kinds of problems, which were always fun to solve.

7. Going to the library! Oh that delicious book smell!

6. I love to tell stories, and writing them down is just as fun!


4. The fact that, during one semester, I earned the most Accerlrated Reader points of anyone in my grade and won a trip in a limo to go out to dinner with my whole family PLUS the movie “The Lion King.”

3. BOOK IT!! Gotta love free personal-pan pizzzas, at least when you’re under the age of 12.

2. I almost always finished a story before we were supposed to discuss it, so I could read ANOTHER story (or two) while the rest of the class was still on the first.

1. The stories! I almost always feel like I am the main character in a novel or story — its great pretending to be someone else for a bit!