1111326_32618092We’re coffee-holics in my office. At any given time, we have two to three pots on here! Almost all of the ladies drink what our pastor calls “froofy” (how DO you spell that?) coffee. In college, a friend turned me on to Starbucks’ Pepermint Mochas they feature every holiday. Later, I became a conisure of Caribou Coffee’s “Mint Condition.” Yum! Now that I’m out of college, married and working I don’t have the same “disposable income” I once did. Also, copious amounts of coffee is no longer necessary since I’m not writing 20+ page papers! Still, I nice mint pick-me-up is always nice. I’ve found a way to make a WONDERFUL Starbucks and Caribou worthy pepermint-mocha coffee.

First, make a pot of pepermint flavored coffee. Harry and David’s is good, but any kind will work. Two, get awesome coffee mug (mine features Jane Austen). Three, open packet of hot chocolate mix — I like the diet kind because, really, I’d rather chew my calories than eat them. Four, pour pepermint coffee over hot chocolate mix and stir. Enjoy! Can also be enjoyed with any cake, cookie, or choclate item that may be nearby. Also, how great would this be with some chopped Andes mints on the top!? That might be too much work every morning, but for a once in a while treat, it would be simply DELIOUS!

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